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Anatomy of A Fragrance

By The Scented Fox December 16, 2017 0 comments

Did you know that even a fragrance has an anatomy? Very different than our system, a fragrance has three stages of smells that it goes through once sprayed on. They are top notes, heart notes, and base notes. The following is a quick description of those:

Top Notes

Top notes are aromatic fragrance notes that are on the top of the composition. gives a perfect description of this in stating that:

"Also sometimes referred to as the opening notes or head notes, the top notes of a fragrance are generally the lightest of all the notes. They are recognized immediately upon application of the perfume. The top notes are also the first to fade given their light molecular structure, but this does not mean they aren't of utmost importance." [1]

These notes are the first smells that one notices when spraying. Keep this in mind when testing fragrances at the department store counter as what you thought you loved might change when it goes on to the heart notes and further into the base notes.

Duration of Top Notes: between 5 to 30 minutes.

Heart Notes

The next composition that creates the anatomy of a fragrance is that of heart notes. These notes as like the name implies are the heart (or middle) part of the scent. They make up the body of the aromatic blend and usually make their presence as the aroma starts to cool down down 10-30 minutes into the skin.

Duration of Heart Notes: between 10-60 minutes.

Base Notes

The base notes are what make up the foundation or bone like structure of the perfume and cologne. They appear when the fragrance is starting to dry on the skin and can be smelled after 30 minutes of applying the scent.

Duration of Base Notes: after 30 minutes

As previously mentioned, we suggest to take the anatomy aspect into consideration when testing samplers (testers) at the department store counter. That is why we are starting to offer a 8 ML. sample size vial with each fragrance, so that you can try it out all day long, experiencing every anatomic system of the perfume/cologne.



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